Sunday, 6 May 2012

My Skin Saviour!

I have sensitive skin that is also prone to breaking out a lot, I've tried so many things to help with my acne but none of them seemed to work that well except tea tree oil! I apply a drop of this on a clean finger and dab it on any blemishes I have. Within a few hours I notice a huge difference. The blemish is usually reduced to just a small red mark! I try not to use too much of this because it does dry out your skin and the smell is very strong so I recommend having a window open when using this. At £2.99 from Superdrug you can't really go wrong!


  1. I use loads of essential oils.. including this one :) It's great xx

  2. tea tree oil is SO great! i'm actually really glad to see another blog post about it!
    one time i actually burned my face because i used so much :( it was pretty awful! i had these grody rough patches all over my face! not cute.
    but anyway, you have a lovely blog here! i'll definately be checking back again soon!
    take care :)


  3. Im glad you liked the post! Yeah I also made the mistake of putting too much on a few days ago I came out with a lot of dry patches but it wasnt that bad.
    Great to hear that you will be coming back, I will definatly check out your blog xx

  4. This looks very interesting, I may have to try it out :) x


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