Thursday, 17 May 2012

Trevorsorbie beautifully straightened review

Hey everyone
I'm really sorry for the lack of blogging but I've had a lot of school work and exams going on at the moment. I've just been sorry busy its unreal!

I picked up this heat defence spray about a month ago after the nozzle of my treseme one broke. I had never heard of this brand before so I was eager to try it out because I love trying out new products. I can honestly say I love this thing, It works like a dream and smells amazing! I don't have a particular talent to describing scents so all I can say is that its very sweet and floral. 
The packaging is simple and pratical, the spray nozzle is also easy to spray. I like to spray this on my dry hair before I straighten it (I don't blowdry, I wait for my hair to air dry). I really like the consistency of the protect, it is thin and runny almost like water so it won't weigh your hair down.
 After using this I really do notice a change in the texture of my hair it's smoother and softer. It also stays straight for longer which is amazing and I don't get as many fly aways. I haven't noticed any more split ends growing in my hair but I did get a haircut a few weeks ago so we will see. As you can see I clearly love this thing!
I bought this whilst boots had a 3 for 2 offer on travel toiletries but the full 200ml bottle is £5.10

Sunday, 6 May 2012

NOTD: Barry M Mint Green

Today I've been sporting Barry M's nail paint in Mint Green (original name I know!). This is honestly my first every Barry M product and I can definately say that I adore it! The colour is just so fresh and spring like. Here in England the weather is always crappy so this nail polish just lifts my mood!

As you can see the colour is very sheer but the formula is lovely and smooth. The nail polish took 30 minutes to dry which is pretty long, I was kinda bummed about that.

This is what it looks like on my nails after 3 coats. I've been wearing this colour for 2 1/2 days and I am yet to notice any chipping which is great for me as I have a tendency to pick my nail polish off..... For £2.99 this nail paint is amazing, I will definitely be purchasing more nail paints from Barry M!

My Skin Saviour!

I have sensitive skin that is also prone to breaking out a lot, I've tried so many things to help with my acne but none of them seemed to work that well except tea tree oil! I apply a drop of this on a clean finger and dab it on any blemishes I have. Within a few hours I notice a huge difference. The blemish is usually reduced to just a small red mark! I try not to use too much of this because it does dry out your skin and the smell is very strong so I recommend having a window open when using this. At £2.99 from Superdrug you can't really go wrong!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

My First Post :)

Hiya <3
Welcome to my blog. I'm just a teenage girl who loves all things beauty and fashion related. I really want this blog to be a success and I would love to get to know other beauty bloggers.

Have a lovely day